About Sustainability



Sustainability Vision


The university’s vision is to be one of the most environmentally sustainable universities based on extensive research and through the education we provide to students and the university’s operations in creating a green campus and a healthy environment that has a positive impact on the climate. Our sustainability vision is the starting point for a comprehensive program to achieve a sustainable environment.

At the core of this vision, the university works towards a sustainable work and study environment that stimulates the community inside and outside the university to achieve a positive societal impact for a sustainable environment.

Striving for the site to be a pioneer among its peers in terms of achieving distinguished scientific performance and in line with global and local efforts related to the issue of sustainability and with the contributions of partners.

Sustainability Goals


First: Sustainable campus
The university is working to create a green campus with a significant reduction in carbon emissions by increasing green spaces, reducing energy consumption, reducing water consumption, and working effectively to benefit from rainwater after storing and recycling it, and also through waste sorting and recycling.

Second: Sustainability in scientific research
The university focuses on scientific research as one of the basic pillars of sustainability. Scientific research contributes to identifying and effectively contributing to global sustainability issues and developing knowledge for the correct and appropriate solutions to reality.

Third: Sustainability in university education. All students learn and study sustainability topics and issues that are related as much as possible to the content of their academic program through courses related to sustainability and in a way that is compatible with their university major because sustainable development is multidisciplinary.
As well as providing opinions, articles, research, studies and scientific books, and contributing to activating the role of the university and society on the subject of sustainability.